Mario Bencastro

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Waves of the East River

From the author of A Shot in the Cathedral,
Odyssey to the North, and Portable Paradise.

Musical, great in scope, and anchored by vivid imagery, Waves of the East River recounts the lyrical passage through lower Manhattan of an exile who, upon being freed at a Brooklyn pier, receives three shares of Fortune, Drama and Faith, which he must invest in Wall Street.

Waves of the East River revives the author’s memories of the river and the financial district, which inspired him to create this poetic and personal mythology.

Waves of the East River is a poem in sixteen cantos that combines historic places and events to bring to life fictitious and biblical characters, with epigraphs that evoke the homage that Walt Whitman and Federico García Lorca paid to the East River.

Waves of the East River is an extraordinary text that manages to convene a richness of registers and the many voices of Whitman.”
– Rei Berroa, George Mason University, USA.

Waves of the East River

First Edition
February 2017.

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