Mario Bencastro

La mansión del olvido

International Latino Book Award 2016 - "Best Historical Fiction Novel"

After being highly praised internationally for works like “A shot in the Cathedral”, “Odyssey to the North” and “Portable Paradise”, Mario Bencastro brings us the epic novel "La mansión del olvido".

Armando, the protagonist, returns to Ausolia after twenty years with the intention of rescuing the memory of his deceased family whose resting place he doesn’t know. The novel transpires while Armando faces his past which is doubly buried – in his memory and underground.

Ausolia is populated by two distinct communities: the rich families that live in the mansions at the center of the town and the inhabitants of the marginal barrios. Two worlds with their own realities, protagonists and legends, but connected by a complicated network of blood relations.

“In the long historical dimension of the place (five hundred years), the novel outlines the spoliation of the land from the aboriginal, the changing of indigo cultivation to coffee, the indigenous massacre of 1932, the practice of droit du seigneur by landowners, the military regime, the start and the end of the civil war, the migratory exodus to the North.”

“The novel "La mansión del olvido" assumes the task of revealing the secret of a national culture whose roots rest on a patriarchal authority… and converts it into social utopia for the benefit of its inhabitants and families, ignored by their father. Such is the writing that Bencastro inscribes on the mythical stele of his new novel.” —Rafael Lara-Martínez, “Culture National Prize 2010”, El Salvador.

“'La mansión del olvido' is a national epic.” —Nicolás Kanellos, University of Houston, USA.

La mansión del olvido


ISBN-13: 978-1507778784
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396 pages.

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