Mario Bencastro

Tepeu's Magical Garden

This work is an intersection of ancestral spirit and magic that combines illustration and text. In this way the reader and the observer can enjoy both esthetics of visual and literary storytelling. Here, Tepeu the Creator, whose father is the Sun, has descended to his magical garden. Tepeu invites us to share in the beauty of this divine gift, which he has brought all men, women and to the children of maize.

About the authors

Carlo Mejía (El Salvador, 1945) has exhibited his original work –which he creates in diverse media like painting, drawing and ceramic– in more than 25 individual shows and in more than 25 group shows, in El Salvador, Spain, the United States, France, Canada, Guatemala, Peru and Argentina. His work has been awarded internationally and is found in private and public collections in Europe and the Americas, including the Smithsonian Institute.

Mario Bencastro (El Salvador, 1949) is the author of literary works internationally recognized that explore the drama of the Salvadoran civil war, the Central American Diaspora in the US and ancestral heritage, published in Mexico, El Salvador, Haiti, Canada, the United States and India, and translated to English, French and German, among which stand out the novels A Shot in the Cathedral, Odyssey to the North, A Promise to Keep, and the short stories Tree of Life: Stories of Civil Wars.

Tepeu’s Magical Garden

Text: Mario Bencastro Drawing: Carlo Mejía

© Copyright 2008 Mario Bencastro,
Carlo Mejía

First Bilingual Edition: 2008

Ediciones Puerto Santa Lucía, Florida.

Printed in the United States