Mario Bencastro

Reading and Speaking Engagements

Mario Bencastro is available for reading and speaking engagements, in English and Spanish, on his literary work, which themes explore the drama of Salvadoran civil war (A Shot in the Cathedral), the Diaspora of millions of Latin American emigrants (Odyssey to the North), and the difficulties of the bicultural and bilingual life of many young Latinos, often marginalized, in the United States (A Promise to Keep).

The books of Mario Bencastro are used as reference text in college and university courses of very diverse themes like Latin American literature, immigration, politics and history studies, in schools and universities in his country of origin and in the United States.

Since the publication of his first novel, A Shot in the Cathedral , the author has participated in more than one hundred readings and conferences on his work in libraries, schools, universities, cultural and community organizations in El Salvador, Guatemala, Spain, Italy, Venezuela and the United States.

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